Wood n' Wire Creates Fun Filled (and sold out) Shows!

Things have taken off at Jonny's Social Club with the new concert series that has tickets selling fast, performers pulling out all the stops, and audience members leaving with a sense that they have seen and heard something truly special.  

A new "first come, first pick" seating arrangement will be taking effect, so it's even more important to get those tickets early to get the spots you want.  

The next concert will have a Celtic theme and will be a great evening out on August 22nd.  Tickets are at the Orange Toad and are $15 each.  

It is the Music of a People Who are Climbing Toward the Light

The Flin Flon production of Les Miserables has come to an official close...we are back to our day jobs...have maybe eaten a meal or two at home...and still have the full score running through our heads.  The memories of this incredible musical will live on, and we will forever have this experience in our hearts. As a cast and crew we overcame many obstacles both on and offstage - not a week went by without us holding someone in our thoughts or prayers as we pushed toward 'showtime'.  From injuries, to illness, from death, to birth; nothing could hold us back. Not surgeries, or lost voices, or lost lighting cues.  We endured, and we triumphed.  We grew and we gave everything we had for our community, our loved ones and ourselves.  It was certainly worth the 15 year wait - thank you Crystal Kolt for never losing sight of this dream that has now come true! 

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Even the Darkest Night Will End and the Sun Will Rise!

What an incredible weekend we have had - and it's not over yet! We had a fantastic opening night  - a special personalized message from Broadway gave us the extra push to bring our very best to the Flin Flon stage! 

Saturday nights crowd was alive with energy, and despite some technical setbacks the company of Les Mis rose to the occasion and delivered an incredibly passionate performance.  We are so thankful to have a wonderfully supportive community and an incredible team both on and off stage.  

Today's performance promises to be nothing short of emotional as we close this chapter in Flin Flon's musical history.  Thank you for an incredible journey!