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NorVA Exhibition: Fever Dreams by Joseph Reyes

There is a new show up at NorVA! 

Come and see 'Fever Dreams.' by Joseph Reyes.

Fever Dreams is a celebration of Canadian imagery while using recurring fantastic personal imagery (tentacles, insects, etc). Informing this work is Joseph's experience growing up in Manitoba and his fond recollections of the province. The series uses imagery in non-traditional ways to encourage viewers to find the beauty in the Canadian experience, expressing it in a non-traditional manner even in the most traditional of mediums: pen and ink. The work is created using miniscule text and images that portray the artist's desire to return home to Manitoba.

NorVA has partnered with the Manitoba Arts Network to bring this exhibition to town.

Check out the NorVA website ( for more info or head down the gallery and see the exhibition for yourself!