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Pineroot Mural Festival

Now in it's second year, the Pineroot Mural Festival is named after the Pineroot River, a 3km waterway running from Mikanagan Lake to Lake Athapapuskow.  The river first served as a traditional route for Cree hunters and later marked one of the first attempts at mining in the region.  The area is surrounded by rock cliffs, muskeg, and boreal forest and is home to an abundance of Northern wildlife.  The festival is named after this waterway as we explore the connection between arts and the environment and honour the history of our region.

In our first season (summer 2020) we completed one mural located on the Perimeter highway.  A second mural was started on panels, then delayed due to Code Red, but was completed and mounted during summer 2021!

For our summer 2022 season we are proud to be partnering with the Flin Flon Public Library and will be completing a large scale mural on the side of their building. 

CONGRATULATIONS to artist DANITA STALLARD for the winning design for the Flin Flon Public Library Mural 

2020 Gallery

Thank You

to our Pine Root Mural Sponsors

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