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Who We Are

Our Mission 
The Flin Flon Arts Council aims to increase and to diversify the opportunities for citizens of Flin Flon and surrounding district to enjoy, create and to participate in cultural activities.

Our 5 Year Plan 2018 - 2023

The Flin Flon Arts Council intends to do the following from 2018 -2023:


  • To develop and support a Theater School

  • To seek and acquire new funding for Office and Staff Expansion (Expand local presence)

  • To support and expand on current marketing strategies

  • To continue developing community partnerships and liaison with organizations such as Johnnys Social Club and other Arts organizations including Indigenous partnerships.

  • To support Tourism initiatives in Flin Flon and Creighton

  • To continue dialogue  and project development for the North Central Canada Centre of Arts and Environment  eg.  Knowledge and Development Course

  • To continue networking and strive to liaison between Manitoba and Saskatchewan



Long Term

Set up the Flin Flon Arts Council Office on Main Street to make presence known/steady hours/ which would also include artisan and craft sales and promotion.


"The arts reflect profoundly the most democratic credo, the belief in an individual vision or voice . . . The arts' belief in potential gives each of us -- both audience and creator -- pride in our society's ability to nurture individuals."               

                                               - Wendy Wasserstein, playwright 

Board of Directors

Executive  2022-2023

President - Sheri Pearson

Vice President -Margot Gray

Secretary - Nora Fontaine

Treasurer - Lyn Brown

Past President - Linda Eryou

Board Members

Raphael Saray

Leslie Fernandes

Carrie Hume

Margot Gray

Gwen Eggert

Courtney Lycan

Jenilee Lengyel

Hilary Macdonald

Our Organizations

Organizations under the Flin Flon Arts Council Umbrella.

  • Flin Flon Community Choir

  • NorVA Centre

  • Northern Lights Dance Academy

  • North Star Quilt Guild

  • Northern Palette Art Club

  • Flin Flon Pottery Club

  • Flin Flon's Blueberry Jam Music Gathering

  • Central Canada Film Group

  • Flin Flon Writers Guild

  • Ham Sandwich Theatre

  • Johnny's Social Club

  • Youth Arts Council

  • Borealis Chamber Choir

  • Local Roots

  • Pineroot Mural Festival


Executive Director
         Alla Bondareva

I was born in Moldova and raised in Moscow to a musical and artistic family.   I hold degrees in Journalism and Pharmacology.  I studied classical piano for ten years and am a certified instructor in Neurographica (ask me about it!)

My (Canadian) husband and I came to Flin Flon in 2022 and we fell in love with the vibrant arts and culture community here and have decided to make Flin Flon our home.

I am excited to be the new Executive Director of the Arts Council and look forward to continuing the work and legacy created by Crystal Kolt

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