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North Central Canada Centre of

Arts & Environment

What is the NCCCAE?

The North Central Canada Centre of Arts and Environment (NCCCAE) is a working title for a community development initiative in the Flin Flon/Creighton/Denare Beach area, on the border of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Canada.


To build a North Central Canada Centre of Arts and Environment (NCCCAE) that will support and enrich our communities.


  • To create a vibrant professional art centre that supports artistic and creative development for north central Canada and beyond. The centre will offer programming to foster artistic development, community-building, and creative expression.

  • To become a centre of academic excellence for the arts and environment in north central Canada. This will enrich our communities by drawing dedicated professionals and students, while stimulating economic diversification and investment in our region.

  • To design a combined art centre/academic institution which will be sustainable for, and well integrated with, both the natural environment and the communities (inspired by the successful model of The Banff Centre).

  • To build an institution that will take a leading role in Canada’s northern arts and culture, and engage in sound Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal exploration of arts and culture, while promoting this knowledge on national and international levels.

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