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Here's what people are raving about! 


“Our fun and relaxing weekend was made so special due to the hard work of a lot of people. First, the bus trip down. We no sooner finished one plate of delicious snacks before another was coming around, accompanied by a refreshing beverage. 

The Mere Hotel, with its comfy beds and modern vibe was perfect for lounging after our long, eventful days. We loved the cozy and so soft bathrobes! Cibos’ excellent food and ambiance added to our total experience. The service at 529 Wellington made us feel like we were all being treated as good as we looked. It was a very classy kickoff to our evening at the theatre and the food is second to none. And the reason for it all…Cabaret! The theatre is awesome and the performance was fun, moving and so worth the trip. We loved the show!

All in all, we felt very pampered and thanks to all for that. This must happen again and count us in!”

                                                                                                    — Wendy Mote and Tami Martin



“Many thanks to the Royal MTC for their help and support in making a very enjoyable weekend possible, by coming up with excellent seating arrangements for our group, and by being a very welcome presence at our post performance reception. Thank you Mr. Schipper, and hope this is the beginning of an ongoing artistic and entertainment partnership with Manitoba’s north. ”

                                                                       — Mark Kolt



“The whole Cabaret excursion was planned very well for a relaxing trip. There was plenty of time to plan for your own interests. The Mere hotel was a great choice for our Winnipeg destination, it was so contemporary and fun. Loved the art wall in the lobby !! Would do it all over again and again.”

                                                                                                                                            — Tara Dutcawich

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