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The Flin Flon Community Garden

The Community Garden is a place for connection and the sharing of knowledge, all while working to improve food security and provide education on the health of our people and our planet.

The main objectives are to improve access to nutritional food for everyone in th ecommunity including those with mobility limitations and regardless of financial status.  It will increase community self-sustainability and provide education in the fields of health and wellness, the environment adn the arts.  Produced will be offered to the public for free but patrons are encouraged to lend a helping hand in any way they can at the garden.   We wish to build a pergola for a space to meet the public and offer educational programming and wheel chair/mobility challenged beds.   When it comes to hobbies, gardening  is a popular summer activity that just about anyone can enjoy.  Using specific methods, individuals with limited mobility or who are disabled can care for plants.  Accessible  gardens, such as raised beds offer a chance for those who are wheelchair bound to enjoy the many pleasures of tending to plants.

This is a North Central Canada Centre of Art and Environment pilot project.

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